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“Founded in 1976- Celebrating more than 38 years of excellence in teaching the Spanish language with a solid social conscience serving various highland communities in Guatemala.”


E-learning Español, Ingles y Quiché.

The Instituto Central America (I.C.A.), founded in 1976, is the first Spanish school in Quetzaltenango to be fully accredited by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) and the Guatemalan Tourist Institute (INGUAT). We offer a personalized learning program with one-on-one instruction to students of all levels. Every teacher at I.C.A. offers years of experience and training, a private classroom for each student-teacher pair and the use of our very own textbook, researched and written by teachers at I.C.A.

Our instructors are professionals with extensive knowledge of grammar and experience with teaching methods, techniques, and activities to apply what you learn in the classroom to the real world. In addition, all of our teachers have received the “Diploma for Teachers Specialized to Teach Spanish as a Second Language” given and evaluated by San Carlos University, the Ministry of Education, and the Tourist Institute of Guatemala.

I.C.A. is one of the few schools in Xela with permanent teachers who have a contract to teach exclusively in I.C.A. and do not teach in other schools as seasonal teachers. I.C.A. provides customized Spanish study, offers classes in Quiché and home stays in a Mayan-Quiche community.

I.C.A. is a small, friendly school that serves as your home base during your stay in Xela. There are usually about 25 students studying at a time. You will have a chance to get to know your fellow students, as well as teachers, during class breaks and cultural activities. The teachers and directors take a personal interest in each student, and help you to adjust to life in Guatemala.

I.C.A.’s proven total immersion approach has been developed over years of successful experience. You not only receive high-quality instruction, but you live your life in Spanish. Therefore you will learn quickly and will become familiar with slang and local expressions.

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