Spanish Classes

Our educational program has four components: Spanish Language Instruction, Home stay with a Guatemalan Family, Cultural Immersion and Social Outreach.

ICA offers a very effective way to learn the Spanish language abroad. With more than 38 years of experience on one-on-one teaching and total immersion programs. Total immersion means that you have a teacher of your own, have the opportunity to participate in afternoon cultural activities and stay in a Guatemalan host family. In four weeks you can learn enough Spanish to travel, in eight weeks you will be able to converse fluently. ICA offers different programs depending on your purpose to learn Spanish.

Guatemala is known as the most experienced country in Latin America in teaching Spanish. Quetzaltenango also known as Xela is the best place to get a total immersion in the language as it is less touristic as other parts in Guatemala.

Our teachers are university educated they have completed the diploma, ¨Teaching Spanish as a SecondLanguage to Foreign Students,¨ which was given under the direction of San Carlos University in Guatemala; the Guatemalan tourist organization, INGUAT; the Guatemalan Ministry of Education, MINEDUC; the Technical Institute of Capacitating, INTECAP and the Quetzaltenango Association of Spanish Schools, ACEEQ.

Classes take place in I.C.A.’s attractive school building, which features a classroom for each teacher, larger meeting rooms for movies and conferences, modern restrooms, and a central patio with a kitchen for recreational activities and breaks.

I.C.A.’s teachers use visual materials, pronunciation drills, dialogues, role-playing and oral exercises to keep the classes interesting. We use our very own textbook, researched and written by our teachers. We also encourage you to bring your own textbooks or literature.

We emphasize spoken Spanish and devote most of the class to oral practice using conversations and drills. A variety of written exercises, compositions and vocabulary lists are used for homework.

In addition, we have years of experience working with university groups. Our technical department has developed a package of university level exams from levels: Beginner I, II, III; to Intermediate I, II, III; and Advanced I, II, III All exams are monitored, graded and signed by your teacher under the direction of the director.

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