Home stay with a Guatemalan Family

If you prefer to be more independent, there are many apartments and hostels in Xela where you may rent a room. The price depends on your budget. It is possible to find lodging for anywhere from Q50 to Q150 per night. *It is very important that you choose a living option when you fill out your application. Please let us know if you are interested in another living option and we can make arrangements before your arrival.

Each student is placed with a Guatemalan family, chosen according to the student’s needs and preferences. Our families are typical middle class Guatemalans and enjoy opening their homes to foreigners. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice your conversation with your family and you will observe and participate in everyday Guatemalan life and culture. Only one student is placed in each family (although exceptions are made upon request). Your family will provide you with a private room, three meals a day, and hot water for showers.

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