Cultural Immersion


I.C.A. is the pioneer Spanish school offering cultural activities with the purpose of providing students with a richer experience and understanding of the culture and traditions of Guatemala.

The activities take place outside of class time, on weekdays and on weekends (there is usually one activity per day). There are always one or two experienced teachers to coordinate and guide these activities.

Dance classes
(salsa & merengue)

  • Culinary classes
  • Sporting events
  • Weekend trips
  • Conferences
  • Museums
  • Visiting nearby towns
  • Historical sites

Sample Weekly Calendar of Events

DSC05013Maya History Conference, Through participation in this conference about Mayan history, one will learn many new things about the Mayan civilization.
Elaboracion de ChocolateVisit Chocolate Factory, This visit provides participates with the opportunity to learn about the production of traditional chocolate which is a typical drink in Guatemala as Guatemala is one of the principal exporters of cocoa. Participants will be able to smell the cocoa and try a cup of hot chocolate!
salsaSalsa Classes in the Parranda: Students can enjoy Wednesday in the Parranda while dancing and enjoying a drink.
6534_1171169793213_1047035299_552277_5993553_nSoccer Games of Xelaju Mario Camposeco: This activity provides the opportunity to see a soccer game of the team Xelajú Mario Camposeco, the team of the chivos and the team with the best fans. Participants will be sure to have fun and enjoy themselves.
Fuentes GeorginasFuentes Georginas (Hot Springs) This is a beautiful place to relax, take part in nature, swim in natural hot water, hike and enjoy the view of the mountain.
mia 276La Democracia Market, This market is a place full of many different colors and flavors. It is known as the market with the freshest fruit and the best prices. Additionally, one can find a variety of vegetables in order to create a good salad.
08El Baul, This is a large hill close to Xela on top of which one can breathe fresh air and enjoy the tranquility of the location and its nature. Hikers will enjoy the climb to the top. There are food vendors as well as games for children and adults at the top. The best part about this location is its view of Xela.
Our cultural program is a highlight of the I.C.A. experience. We frequently visit nearby indigenous villages, markets, and take advantage of the area’s hot springs and natural saunas. On weekends we take longer trips to climb volcanoes, explore distant villages, visit coffee farms and see some of the beautiful resorts in Guatemala. During field trips we visit homes, schools, and family businesses, giving students a glimpse of everyday life in Guatemala not easily accessible to tourists. Each week a trip is scheduled to see one of the projects of ICAmigos, the Non-Governmental Organization sponsored by I.C.A.
Our activities are designed for you to experience the culture, traditions, lifestyles, social problems, history, Mayan worldviews and life in the rural communities of Guatemala. Through visits to indigenous villages, churches, markets, cultural conferences, films and discussions, it is possible to gain a better idea of the political, social and economic situation of Guatemala. We also offer fun activities like traditional dinners, pot lucks, theater, soccer games, salsa and meringue classes, visits to hot springs and volcanoes, and visits to other towns for fun.
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