First day of service projects and Spanish classes!

Bienvenida del grupo universitario! Listos para aprender español y trabajar con los proyectos de ICAmigos!!!




  • Reforestation Project– In 1989, the Reforestation Project was initiated by a group of individuals including teachers and Spanish language students from I.C.A. It is financially supported by I.C.A. and helps the Quetzaltenango community. We have worked together with the assistance of public school students, sawmill owners, and the municipality to organize reforestation campaigns.
  • Bilingual Education– In 1992, the villages of Buena Vista, Los Corrales, Cabricán, and Quetzaltenango solicited the financial help of ICAmigos in their bilingual Mam-Spanish primary school. Mam is one of Guatemala’s official Mayan languages, spoken by over 670,000 inhabitants. Due to the number of Guatemalans who speak Mam, the community was determined to offer Mam-Spanish schooling to their children.
  • Urban Education– After various years of working in the Bilingual Education Project, ICAmigos was interested in supporting an education project in Xela.
  • Medical Clinic– The coordinator of the ONG, ICAmigos, along with a general practitioner is in charge of this project. It has the fundamental resources and equipment to provide services to those in and around the Quetzaltenango community.
  • Artisan Development– During the civil war period in Guatemala, many women were left widowed and without the men in their families. As a result, they needed to find work in order to support their families. One of the things they knew how to do was to sell their artisan products… At ICAmigos we believe that artisans should receive a fair price for their beautiful work, without intermediaries. To help, we are contributing to open up international markets.
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